Most of Omni Data Platform's configuration is stored in the MongoDB database, and the strategy to backup the configuration is to essentially back the database up. However, there are some configurations - namely the odp-sec and odp-nginx-sec kubernetes secrets that must be backed up manually / outside of the database.

This guide is to help you backup and restore Kubernetes secrets (such as odp-sec and odp-nginx-sec).

Versions impacted

- This impacts all versions of Omni Data Platform

Export secrets

  1. Login into the machine where your Kubernetes cluster is
  2. Open the terminal
  3. Enter the following command to export the secret:
    kubectl -n <namespace> get secret <secret-name> --export -o yaml > secret-name.yaml
  4. A YAML file will be created in the directory where the above-mentioned command is executed.
  5. Please make sure this file containing secrets are stored safely.

Import secrets

  1. Copy the previously exported secrets into the machine where you want to import the secrets into a Kubernetes cluster.
  2. Open a terminal
  3. Enter the following command to import the secret
    kubectl -n <namespace> apply -f secret-name.yaml
  4. Enter the following command to check if the secret was imported:
    kubectl -n <namespace> get secret

For more information, please contact CAPIOT support or your account manager.