Versions affected

  • 5.4.2
  • 5.7
  • 5.8


XCRO currently supports the ability to split payments based on percentage of the account balance. For example, if the account balance is 1500, we can configure a split of 10% and 90% resulting in two transactions of 150 and 1350 respectively.

Under the hoods, XCRO uses java libraries to perform the calculation. We have observed defects related to calculating the floating point precision to determine the amount to be considered, resulting in a calculation of 0.02 lesser or more.

Impact and resolution

This problem applies only to certain scenarios where the split percentage and balance are having decimal values
To solve this problem please apply the following hotfixes

  • xcro_web 5.4.2 hotfix 14
  • xcro_ececonsumer 5.4.2 hotfix 5

  • xcro_eceproducer 5.4.2 hotfix 3