Versions affected

  • 5.4.2
  • 5.7
  • 5.8


XCRO currently supports the ability to create automated scheduled instructions for long-term deals, both, deals without an end date, and deals over multiple years. There are defects identified with some of the possible configurations as explained in this LBN.

For deals that have no end date

At the moment, the affected versions of XCRO only generates schedules for 1 year. Our subsequent fix will take care of generating future schedules automatically. However, the simulation will continue to be limited to T+1 year where T is the current date.

For deals with longer tenures
XCRO will successfully generate schedules that are up to 10 years in tenure. For deals that have a longer tenure, the affected versions of XCRO will not be able to generate schedules.

Impact and resolution

Only those users who have deals configured that are either perpetual (i.e. no end date configured), or any deals that are longer than 10 years in tenure are impacted. Please contact your account manager to understand how to resolve this as well as the associated timelines and steps required.